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Slot machines are by far the largest revenue source for any casino. Even though the Slots deal solely in chance, they are ever popular in land based casinos and online casinos. Players are attracted to the massive jackpots and flashing lights. When a slot machine pays a jackpot, you can be sure to get a big pay day.

This may be a game of chance but nothing inside the slots has been left to chance. There is no system or strategy that will help you win and there is no signs, regardless of what anyone says, that a slot machine is ready to pay out. The only advice as far as slots are concerned is maximise your win by maximising your bet and always play the slots with the largest jackpot.

There's nothing more frustrating than hitting a jackpot and seeing the flashing jackpot sign with $12,000,000 on it, only to find that you only place the minimum bet of 10c rather than 50c so you only win 10% of the jackpot. If you're playing slots then play to win.

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